Texas Roadhouse Beef Tips

Enjoy tender cuts of steak with mushrooms, onions, brown gravy, and sour cream, served over your choice of seasoned rice or mashed potatoes, plus one side.

  • Texas Roadhouse Beef Tips Price: $14.99
  • Texas Roadhouse Beef Tips calories: 710 cal

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Customize Your Dish:

  • Choose your temperature: From Rare to Well, select how you like your steak cooked.
  • Beef Tip Toppings: Opt to remove brown gravy, mushrooms, onions, or sour cream.
  • Base Selection: Choose between Mashed Potatoes or Seasoned Rice Bed.

Pick Your Legendary Side:

Choose one from options like Applesauce, Baked Potato, Fresh Vegetables, and more. Mac & Cheese is available for an additional $0.99.

Extra Flavor with Sidekicks:

Add Grilled Shrimp for $7.99 or Ribs for $9.99 to enhance your meal.

Nutritional & Allergen Guide

Meals may be cooked to order. Be aware of foodborne illness risks with undercooked meats. Calorie needs vary per person. For more info, visit Nutrition & Allergen site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose how my beef tips are cooked?

Yes, you can choose from Medium Well, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, or Well to have your beef tips cooked exactly to your preference.

What are my base options for the beef tips?

You can choose between mashed potatoes and a seasoned rice bed as the base for your beef tips.

Can I add extra items to my meal?

Yes, you can add sidekicks like Grilled Shrimp or Ribs for an additional charge.


The Texas Roadhouse Beef Tips provides a customizable, satisfying meal with choices for temperature, toppings, and sides. Add shrimp or ribs for extra flavor. Inform us of dietary needs for a safe, delicious experience. Enjoy a memorable meal with beef tips.

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