Texas Roadhouse Buttered Corn

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Buttered Corn. This side dish offers the classic comfort of sweet corn bathed in rich, melting butter, making it a perfect complement to any main course.

  • Texas Roadhouse Buttered Corn Price: $3.49
  • Texas Roadhouse Buttered Corn Calories: 190 cal


Nutrition and Allergen Guide

Please note, that while side dishes are made with attention to detail, eating undercooked food can be risky. If you have dietary needs or want more information, we’re ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details or check out the Nutrition & Allergen site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Buttered Corn cost?

The Buttered Corn is priced at $3.49.

How many calories are in the Buttered Corn?

There are 190 calories in the Buttered Corn.

Is the Buttered Corn suitable for my diet?

If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know, or check Nutrition & Allergen Guide for more details.

Can consuming undercooked foods affect my health?

Yes, consuming undercooked foods can pose health risks. Ensure your dishes are cooked thoroughly.


Indulge in delicious Buttered Corn at Texas Roadhouse, for only $3.49 and 190 calories. It’s the perfect complement to any dish. Have dietary questions? We’re here to assist and ensure your dining experience is both safe and delightful.

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