Texas Roadhouse Cheese Fries

Enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s Cheese Fries. This dish features a heaping amount of golden steak fries, generously topped with melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon bits. For an additional 99 cents, you can elevate the dish by adding Texas chili.

  • Texas Roadhouse Cheese Fries Price: $8.49
  • Texas Roadhouse Cheese Fries Calories: 1240 cal

Cheese Fries Toppings Options:

Personalize your Cheese Fries with up to four customization options:

  • Remove Cheddar Cheese: For those who prefer plain steak fries.
  • Remove Bacon Bits: Opt for cheese fries without the bacon.
  • Add Ranch: Enhance the flavor with a creamy ranch dressing.
  • Add Texas Chili (no beans) (+$0.99): Top your fries with hearty chili for a robust flavor boost.

Nutritional and Allergen Information:

Order Cheese Fries from the official site. Remember, eating raw or undercooked food can raise health risks, especially if you have certain conditions. Everyone’s calorie needs differ from the 2,000-calorie diet standard. For more on nutrition and allergens, just ask or check the Nutrition & Allergen site.

FAQs About Cheese Fries at Texas Roadhouse

What are Cheese Fries at Texas Roadhouse?

Cheese Fries consist of golden steak fries topped with melted cheddar cheese and bacon bits, with an option to add chili for an additional cost.

Can I customize the toppings on the Cheese Fries?

Yes, you can choose to remove cheddar cheese, and bacon bits, add ranch dressing, or add Texas Chili (no beans) for a small extra charge.

What should I consider when consuming Cheese Fries?

Those with specific dietary needs or health conditions should be aware that consuming raw or undercooked foods can increase the risk of foodborne illness.


Texas Roadhouse’s Cheese Fries, at $8.49 and 1240 calories, offer a deliciously indulgent option for fry lovers. With customization options like adding ranch or chili, these fries are not just a side dish but a savory treat that can be tailored to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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