Texas Roadhouse Dallas Filet

Discover the Dallas Filet at Texas Roadhouse steak menu, renowned for being the most tender steak that simply melts in your mouth. Accompanied by your choice of two sides, this steak promises a truly exquisite dining experience.

Choose Your Dallas Filet Size:

Tailor your meal with the following size options:

  • 6 oz. (+$22.99 | 270 cal)
  • 8 oz. (+$26.99 | 360 cal)

Nutritional and Allergen Details:

Order your Dallas Filet cooked the way you like. Remember, eating undercooked meat can be risky, especially for some health conditions. Nutritional info is based on a 2,000-calorie diet, but your needs might differ. You can ask for more details or check the Nutrition & Allergen website.

FAQs About Dallas Filet at Texas Roadhouse

What sizes are available for the Dallas Filet?

It comes in two sizes: 6 oz. (270 cal) and 8 oz. (360 cal).

How is the Dallas Filet prepared?

It’s cooked to order, allowing personalization in terms of doneness.

What accompanies the Dallas Filet?

The steak is served with a choice of two sides.

Are there any health considerations with the Dallas Filet?

Consuming raw or undercooked meats may pose a risk of foodborne illness, particularly for certain individuals.


The Dallas Filet at Texas Roadhouse costs about $23 to $27. It’s a tender steak and comes with two sides. It’s great for people who love a soft, tasty steak that’s cooked just how they like it.

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