Is Texas Roadhouse Open on Easter 2024?

Are you wondering if you can enjoy those yummy rolls and steak at Texas Roadhouse this Easter? Good news! Most Texas Roadhouse places will be open on Easter Sunday. But, keep in mind, that their hours might change depending on where you are. So, it’s a smart move to call your nearby Texas Roadhouse and check their hours before you plan your Easter meal.

Is Texas Roadhouse Open on Easter 2024?

Texas Roadhouse Easter Hours 2024

Texas Roadhouse will be open on Easter Sunday in 2024, operating during its regular hours. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite meals there on this holiday.

However, remember that while the chain maintains uniform holiday hours, there may be variations at specific locations. It’s a good idea to confirm the exact hours with the Texas Roadhouse restaurant you plan to visit to ensure they’re open when you intend to go.

Easter DayOperating Hour
Sunday11 am to 10 pm

Texas Roadhouse Easter Menu

Texas Roadhouse is open on Easter, so you can enjoy their famous menu to go. It’s a great place for holiday meals with tasty steaks, ribs, and fresh rolls. For any special Easter treats, visit their website or call your local restaurant.

Texas Roadhouse Easter Deals

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Is Texas Roadhouse open on easter Sunday?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse restaurants are open on Easter Sunday, but the hours may vary by location.

Is Texas Roadhouse in Willoughby open on easter?

The Texas Roadhouse in Willoughby is open on Sundays from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM, which includes Easter Sunday.

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