Texas Roadhouse Mini-Cheeseburgers

Enjoy the simple pleasure of Texas Roadhouse Mini-Cheeseburgers, served on fresh-baked bread, ideal for a light meal or kids.

Customizable Options:

  • With Cheese: Add cheese to your mini-burgers for an additional $6.49, bringing the total to 670 calories for a cheesy delight.
  • No Cheese: Opt for a simpler taste without cheese for the same price, totaling 620 calories.

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Nutrition & Allergen Guide

Mini-cheeseburgers are prepared to order. Remember, consuming undercooked meats can increase the risk of foodborne illness. For those with specific dietary needs, the staff is ready to provide additional nutritional and allergen information upon request or visit the Nutrition & Allergen site for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add cheese to the mini-cheeseburgers?

Yes, you can add cheese to your mini-cheeseburgers for an additional $6.49, which also adds 670 calories to the meal.

Can I order the mini-cheeseburgers without cheese?

You can order the mini-cheeseburgers without cheese. The price remains $6.49, and this option contains 620 calories.

Are the mini-cheeseburgers suitable for children?

Yes, the mini-cheeseburgers are a popular choice for children due to their smaller size, but they’re suitable for anyone looking for a lighter meal option.

How many mini-cheeseburgers come in an order?

An order includes two small burgers served on fresh-baked bread.


In summary, Texas Roadhouse Mini-Cheeseburgers offers a delightful, customizable option suitable for all ages, available with or without cheese at $6.49. They provide a satisfying, bite-sized meal perfect for various dietary preferences, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for every guest.

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