Texas Roadhouse New York Strip

Enjoy a New York Strip steak at Texas Roadhouse, it’s like sirloin but more tender. Pick any two sides for a full meal. Check out their Texas Roadhouse hand-cut steak menu.

Choose Your New York Strip Size:

Select the ideal portion for your meal:

  • 12 oz. Traditional Cut (+$22.99 | 640 cal)
  • 16 oz. Traditional Cut (+$26.99)

Nutritional and Allergen Details:

Order your New York Strip steak cooked just how you like it. Please note, eating raw or undercooked meats may raise the risk of illness, especially for people with certain health issues.

For nutrition, our guidance is for a 2,000-calorie diet, but this can change based on personal needs. More details on nutrition and allergens can be asked for or found on our Nutrition & Allergen site.

FAQs About New York Strip at Texas Roadhouse

What sizes are available for the New York Strip?

You can choose between a 12 oz. Traditional Cut (640 cal) or a 16 oz. Traditional Cut.

How is the New York Strip prepared?

It’s cooked to order, allowing you to choose your preferred level of doneness.

What’s included with the New York Strip?

The steak is served with a choice of two sides.

What are the price options for the New York Strip?

The 12 oz. cut is priced at $22.99, and the 16 oz. cut at $26.99.

Are there any health considerations with the New York Strip?

As with any raw or undercooked meats, there’s a risk of foodborne illness, particularly for those with certain health conditions.


Get the New York Strip steak at Texas Roadhouse in either 12 oz. or 16 oz. sizes. It’s a juicy and tasty steak. Costs between $22.99 and $26.99 and comes with two sides. Great for those who love a good steak and want to choose how it’s cooked.

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