Texas Roadhouse Pulled Pork Dinner

Dive into the world of comfort food with Texas Roadhouse’s Pulled Pork Dinner. This meal features tender, slow-cooked BBQ pork, accompanied by toasted fresh-baked bread, making for a perfect blend of flavors and textures.

  • Texas Roadhouse Pulled Pork Dinner Price: $13.99
  • Texas Roadhouse Pulled Pork Dinner Calories: 890 cal

Additionally, don’t miss out on these mouthwatering Texas dinner options:

Customize Your Meal to Perfection

With this hearty dish, you have the power to make it your own:

  • Extra BBQ Sauce: Amplify the flavor with additional BBQ sauce if desired.

Choose Your Legendary Sides

Select from an array of sides to complete your meal:

  • First Legendary Side (required): Options include Applesauce, Baked Potato, Buttered Corn, Caesar Salad, Fresh Vegetables, and more. Upgrade your comfort with Mac & Cheese for an additional $0.99.
  • Second Legendary Side (required): Pair your main course with another side from the same extensive list for a fully rounded meal.

Elevate Your Dining Experience

Enhance your dinner with up to two sidekicks:

  • Grilled Shrimp: Add a seafood twist for an extra $7.99.
  • Ribs: Complement your pork with succulent ribs for $9.99 more.

Nutritional & Allergen Information

Please note that the pulled pork may be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats can increase your risk of foodborne illness. They adhere to general nutrition advice, recommending 2,000 calories a day, though individual needs vary. For more detailed information, request additional nutritional and allergen details, or visit the Nutrition & Allergen site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request extra BBQ sauce with my meal?

Yes, you can request extra BBQ sauce for your Pulled Pork Dinner to suit your taste.

Can I choose the same side twice?

Yes, you can choose the same side twice if you prefer.

Is there an additional cost for any of the sides?

Yes, there is an additional cost of $0.99 for Mac & Cheese.

Is the Pulled Pork Dinner available for takeout or delivery?

Availability may vary by location. Please check with your local Texas Roadhouse for takeout and delivery options.

Can I make substitutions for the Pulled Pork Dinner?

Substitutions may be allowed; please inquire when ordering to ensure your meal meets your preferences and dietary needs.


In conclusion, the Pulled Pork Dinner Texas Roadhouse offers a meal and an experience customizable to your preferences and designed for ultimate satisfaction. Dive in and enjoy the rich flavors that make this dish a standout choice.

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