9 Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees Won’t Tell You

Texas Roadhouse is like a superstar in the world of restaurants! It started way back in 1993, and guess what? Now, there are Texas Roadhouse places all over the country and even in other countries! People love it because they serve yummy steaks and cold drinks, and the place always feels like a fun party. But guess what? There are some Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees have shared with us!

Texas Roadhouse Employees reveal secrets

Did you know that Wednesdays are super busy because of special deals? It’s called WildWest Wednesday. So, if you don’t like waiting, maybe pick another day. Also, there are some dishes and drinks with too much sugar or made from yesterday’s food. But don’t worry, now you’re in the know with these Texas Roadhouse secrets!

1. The Chain Was Founded In Indiana, Not Texas

The main office of Texas Roadhouse is in Louisville, Kentucky. The person who started it learned about restaurants in Colorado, says Louisville Business First. Even though it’s called Texas Roadhouse, it’s not really from Texas. The name was chosen because it sounded cool and matched the feeling they wanted.

2. The Chain Has Been Hiking Prices

Last year, Texas Roadhouse made their food a bit more expensive. They did this because things cost more for them too. First, they added a small amount to the price. But later in 2021, they added even more, says Nation’s Restaurant News. Now, this year, prices at Texas Roadhouse have gone up again by 3%. Many places are raising their prices because everything is getting more expensive.

3. Servers Are Pushed To Upsell

Did you know the Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees shared? When you ask for a steak there, they’ll also suggest yummy mushrooms and onions. If you get a baked potato, they’ll ask about adding cheese and bacon.

Servers Are Pushed To Upsell

A worker from Texas Roadhouse said on Reddit that their bosses really want them to suggest these extra tasty things!

4. The Environment Can Be Toxic

Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees Share: Some workers at Texas Roadhouse talked about a tricky situation. They said the place wanted them to sell more and more. While they could earn good tips, this made the place not so fun to work at. A worker said, “They had selling games that seemed cool but made people argue.”

Older workers would sometimes be mean to new ones so they could get more customers and tips. After just two months, one new worker said they felt like the oldest new person because others had been there for a year or more.

5. The Cocktails Are Terrible For You

Did you know? The Raspberry Margarita drink has a huge 520 calories. That’s almost like eating a Big Mac! Plus, it has a big 76 grams of sugar. That’s way more than what doctors say we should have in a day. It’s not just about the alcohol in it.

9 Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees

6. They Make Their Chili Out Of Leftovers

Did you know some Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees shared on the internet? They said on Reddit that the chili at Texas Roadhouse is made from leftover steak pieces. These leftovers are first used for kebobs and Dillo bites, and then the rest goes into the chili. So, it’s a good idea to think twice before ordering the chili there!

7. The Bread And Butter Will Keep Coming, But You Have To Ask

Everyone loves the unlimited peanuts at Texas Roadhouse. And guess what? There’s more free food! You can get as many baskets of bread rolls and butter as you want.

Secrets Texas Roadhouse Employees Don't Want You to Know

Just remember to ask for more if you finish the first basket. Servers bring one basket at first, but they’ll give you more if you ask. So, enjoy those yummy rolls at Texas Roadhouse!

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8. The Filet Medallions Are The Best Steak Deal On The Menu

A past worker from Texas Roadhouse made a TikTok video. She said the nine-ounce medallion meal is the best value. It has more meat than many other steaks. You can also choose any side dish you want, like rice or mashed potatoes.

9. Cheapest Steak Is The Most Popular

Texas Roadhouse workers often suggest more expensive dishes. But did you know their most popular steak is also the cheapest? It’s the six-ounce sirloin steak. People have loved it since 1993! Find out more tasty secrets at Delish.

Final Words

At Texas Roadhouse, there are some secrets the staff might not tell you. But it’s interesting to learn that their most loved steak is also the cheapest. This shows that you don’t always have to spend more to get the best taste!

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