How Many Texas Roadhouse Locations in the USA?

Kent Taylor established Texas Roadhouse in 1993 with a commitment to genuine, freshly-made food. Every steak was hand-cut, the ribs were tender, the sides were homemade, and the bread was baked fresh every few minutes. It was all about authentic food, made fresh every day.

How Many Texas Roadhouse Locations in the US?

Inspired by the classic roadhouses of Texas, these eateries were community hubs filled with aroma, flavors, tunes, and joy that captured the heart of Texas. They offered everyone a hearty meal at a good value. For Kent, there was nothing better than enjoying home-cooked food in a laid-back setting after a long day.

How many Texas Roadhouse restaurants are there in the United States?

Texas Roadhouse and its franchisees have expanded to three different concepts and operate 709 restaurants across 49 states and 10 foreign countries. Of these, 661 are Texas Roadhouse restaurants. There are 627 Texas Roadhouse restaurants in the US. Texas tops the list with 70 locations, accounting for about 11% of all outlets.

Here are the top 10 states/territories of the United States with the most Texas Roadhouse restaurants:

State / TerritoryNumber of restaurantsPopulation per restaurant
Texas70 (11%)414.23K
Florida41 (7%)523.85K
Ohio35 (6%)333.97K
Pennsylvania32 (5%)400.06K
Indiana25 (4%)269.28K
New York21 (3%)926.38K
Michigan21 (3%)475.57K
Virginia20 (3%)426.80K
Illinois19 (3%)666.95K
Tennessee19 (3%)359.42K

In which states Texas Roadhouse Restaurant is not located?

Hawaii is the only state of America that doesn’t have any Texas Roadhouse location. There are also some territories where Texas Roadhouse is not located. Their list is below:

  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Puerto Rico
  • District of Columbia
  • Northern Mariana Islands

Top 10 US Cities with the Most Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

Discover the top 10 U.S. cities with the most Texas Roadhouse locations, bringing a taste of Texas to various corners of the country.

CityState / TerritoryNumber of Locations
San AntonioTexas6
El PasoTexas4
Oklahoma CityOklahoma3

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FAQs About Texas Roadhouse Locations

Where is the Texas Roadhouse headquarters located?

Texas Roadhouse headquarters is located in Louisville, KY.

Where is the world’s largest Texas Roadhouse?

The world’s largest Texas roadhouse is in LUBBOCK, Texas.

How many locations does Texas Roadhouse have?

Texas Roadhouse has 627 locations in 49 U.S. states and 29 international locations in 10 countries. 

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