Texas Roadhouse Peanuts – Does Texas Roadhouse Still Have peanuts?

Texas Roadhouse is famous for its free peanuts. Guests like snacking on these roasted and salted nuts while waiting for their food. If you have any food allergies, let your server know—they have other options for you too.

when did texas roadhouse stop serving peanuts

You’ll notice peanut shells on the floor; it’s part of the restaurant’s relaxed style. Staff clean up every 30 minutes, but the floor can still be messy, especially when it’s busy. Just be careful not to slip on the shells! Find your favorite Texas Roadhouse Peanuts for sale at select locations now!

Story Behind Texas Roadhouse Peanuts

When the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant opened, the person who started it, wanted it to be a happy place for people to come and eat. He decided to give everyone free peanuts while they waited for their delicious food.

How are the Peanuts Made Yummy?

What’s so unique about these peanuts? It’s the way they are cooked! They are roasted with some special spices to make them taste just right. This way of cooking them makes them crispy and keeps them fresh and flavorful.

People can’t get enough of them! When you walk into Texas Roadhouse, the smell of the warm, spicy peanuts makes you want to eat a whole bucket before your food even comes!

Why Everyone Loves Them

The peanuts are super fun to eat because they come in their shells. Kids and grown-ups love cracking them open and eating the yummy peanuts inside. It’s a fun thing to do while you talk and wait for your food.

In summary, peanuts are famous because they are super tasty, and eating them is a fun thing to do. It’s been a tradition since the first restaurant opened, and everyone who goes there loves it!

Texas Roadhouse Peanuts on Floor

Texas Roadhouse lets customers throw peanut shells on the floor because it’s eco-friendly and fun. But, be careful: this can be risky for people with peanut allergies and might make the floor slippery.

If you’re dining at Texas Roadhouse:

  • Tell your server about any peanut allergies.
  • Watch where you walk to avoid slips.
  • If peanut shells bother you, ask to sit in a quieter area.

The restaurant wants everyone to have a good time safely.

Does Texas Roadhouse still serve Peanuts 2024?

Yes, they give you free peanuts and Fresh Baked Bread! A tasty steak doesn’t need extra stuff on it! But, if you like your meat super soft and juicy, we have two yummy options; you can have it with cooked mushrooms and onions and pick either gravy or cheese!

Texas Roadhouse Peanuts Bag Price

Texas Roadhouse Peanuts Bag price

Cracking open a peanut with excitement is super fun, especially when you know a delicious treat is waiting inside! Inside that shell are some of the yummiest peanuts you’ll ever taste!

  • Price: $1.89
  • Size: 7 OZ
  • SKU: 008186416074

Nutritional Information

Peanuts Texas Roadhouse has 160 calories, 12 fats, and 7 carbs! If you want to know more about how healthy they are or how many points they have for Weight Watchers, keep looking!

Serving Size1 Serving
Calories From Fat110
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat12g18%
Saturated Fat2g10%
Trans Fat0g 
Total Carbohydrates7g2%
Dietary Fiber3g12%

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people with peanut allergies go into Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse might have lots of peanut particles in the air, so it’s best to stay away if you’re allergic.

Does Texas Roadhouse have peanut buckets?

The big restaurant group, with over 400 places, is famous for giving customers free buckets of tasty, roasted peanuts. People are even allowed to toss the cracked-open shells on the floor.

When did Texas Roadhouse stop serving peanuts?

In early 2021, Texas Roadhouse had to stop for a little while because getting supplies was hard due to the big sickness, COVID-19.

Does Texas Roadhouse have peanuts gluten-free?

Yes, peanuts at Texas Roadhouse don’t have gluten, so they are a yummy and safe snack for people who can’t eat gluten.

Why did Texas Roadhouse stop serving peanuts?

Texas Roadhouse’s peanut policies may vary by location. Typically, the in-house peanut service stopped during COVID-19, but you can still ask for peanuts to be taken away.

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